Leaders in the repair

of automobiles

High specialization

en reparación de abolladuras

20 years of experience

with the latest technology

International presence


Large-scale repair

all over Europe


Who we are

We are a company located In Spain, leader in the repair of cars affected by the phenomenon hail. Working with the latest tools and techniques of more modern market, offering technology and innovation to each of our customers.

Our more than 20 years of experience in the automotive marketallows us to guarantee your satisfaction.


Large scale repair

When we talk about operations we talk about large-scale repair, moving around Europe, to the effects generated by the fall of the hail phenomenon, where the needs of the customer are affected by the time and cost of work, bringing peace and immediate assistance to each of our customers when repairing their damaged vehicles, be it auto parks, factories, workshops, and official concessionaires of all brands.


Our PDR Technique

We use specially built tools for each type of hail. We work with a process of malleability that allows the veneer to return to its original state, without needing any repainting work of the parts repaired. It also makes an analysis of the position, size and shape of the dent, then going to analyze the type of bodywork (different Automotive manufacturers) and the quality of the paint, thus achieving the objective of the repair without paint and giving our customers the solution that their vehicles regain the original state, without losing market value.


Instant scrolling

When it comes to providing solutions to our customers, we move immediately to the workplace, making available to the person in charge of the establishment, as well as the insurance companies, to take knowledge of the vehicles affected.

The steps at the time of working are:

Car cleaning

Checking the damage

Dismantling of parts

Repair of damage vehicle


Final quality Check

Delivery of the vehicle


Service to insurance company

We work together with each Company, providing our service and facilitating part of the work, in order to provide solutions. We take care that every area affected by the hail has its place of reception and repair of the vehicles, at the time of working is essential the place, as well as contact with each client managing the check-in for its appraisal and repair. In addition, we provide service for changing damaged parts such as glass, mirrors, or others.

Always willing and able to provide a quick solution to customers.



We want to give you the best solution. Do not hesitate to contact us without obligation. Leave us your data and we will assist you as soon as possible.

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